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How to Prevent Chinch Bugs

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Chinch Bugs, Texas A&M Department of Entomology

If you notice dead patches of grass on your lawn, there is a good chance that chinch bugs have attacked. Chinch bugs love to feed on St. Augustine grass and if your grass is dry, it is more vulnerable to bug infestations and disease. That is why often you’ll find dead grass along the edge of your yard, next to the road and in areas where your irrigation doesn’t reach as well. To help prevent chinch bugs, keep you entire yard well watered and fed. The healthier the grass, the more resistant it is.

But if you get chinch bugs, there are three routes to take. You can solve the problem with natural organic solutions, chemical sprays, or you can remove the infested area and replant. Often the most effective path is to treat the sod, remove the patches, and plant new sod.

When you treat, you want to treat the area around the dead patches too because that is where the chinch bugs move to feed.  Often they will start at the edges of the yard, near the warm pavement, and then move inward.

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